How choosing a Divorce Specialist Realtor can help reduce the stress in your Divorce

sell home divorce realtor

Life changes like selling your home and moving can be a high-tension time in life. Compound that with the stress of a Divorce, a possible argumentative partner, and uncertain financial anxiety can put a strain on your mental wellness. When it comes to the matter of the house there are so many things to consider or question. Here are reasons why working with a Divorce Specialist Realtor can help ease the process.

  • They have been trained to be a Neutral Third party – Divorce Specialists Realtors are not your average realtor. They have been trained to handle potentially contentious moments with a variety of tools to help keep the peace. They are the one person that you are hiring to represent both you and your spouse and a great resource for basic property questions that can help elevate the cost of constantly contacting your separate attorneys
  • They can help you understand the value of your home – and whether it makes sense to even sell it. Nothing is worse than calling a realtor and having them push you to sell to win the listing. Divorce Specialists will help review ALL your options –your current mortgage rules, who is on the deed, and put you in touch with resources to see what is financially realistic in your “new” situation. While it might seem to make sense to keep the family home, it might not always be practical with one income.
  • They Avoid Costly Mistakes – Trying to go the For sale by owner route or even hiring the services of a friendly neighborhood agent who is not familiar with your situation can lead to costly mistakes. This is not the typical cookie-cutter neighborhood sale. Realtors who have not been trained in this area can slow you down because of their lack of knowledge surrounding property division laws. A person specializing in divorce real estate can be diplomatic and neutral in a way that other realtors might struggle with. With more emotion comes more room for mistakes. You can avoid these emotionally charged mishaps with a disarmed divorce specialist by your side.
  • They Market Differently – No one wants to list their house where it screams Divorce Sale! Lowball offers are not the name of the game. Agents who have been trained as Divorce Specialists know how to stage properly and know what is necessary to address to get top dollar in the market.
  • They Understand the legal process – Your realtor must know the legal process and rights each homeowner has with the property along with any legal documents, court orders, and other incidents that may occur throughout selling the home.

If a Divorce is a possibility and you want to discuss how your home factors in please call or email to confidentially discuss or request an intake form.