Wondering How To Sell Your Home In a Divorce?

Wondering How To Protect Yourself?

Not Sure Where To Start?

If you answered yes then you’re not alone … and you’re in the right place.
I’ve been through my own complicated divorce so I can relate to you on every level.
As one of the few “Divorce Real Estate Specialist” in the Chicagoland Suburbs I have been trained to understand the legal, financial, mental health and Real estate implications of the divorce process.

Selling a Matrimonial Home In a Divorce Is NOT a Typical Real Estate Sale:

There are many unexpected obsticals that general Realtors don’t anticipate or not equipped with the proper tools and skills to handle. 

There are different laws, rules and regulations from other “typical” sales. They require different marketing plans, strategies, staging techniques, and protocals to make sure the transaction stays neutral to both parties. This often includes  conflicts & battles (such as list price, showing schedules, & offer negotiations) that I must know how to deal with thwerwise it could delay the home sale or the divorce process if mistakes are made

Selling your home in a divorce combines two of life’s most stressful experiences; Moving & Divorce. After 13 years of transactional real estate  and experiencing my own divorce, I’ve found it necessary to get skilled in this Niche area to help local divorcing couples get the emotional care and education that they need when dividing one of their greatest assets.

My job is to get both spouses the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time, and with the least amount of inconvenience.
You need an experienced Real Estate Divorce Specialist who knows the unique challenges of divorce real estate, and how to deal with them before they happen.

There is no other scenario where hiring the right professional is more important!

Hiring a Realtor to sell your home in a divorce is the most difficult & confusing professional you will hire. Here is why….

In a divorce every person you hire is to represent and better you – Think : Divorce Lawyer, Therapist, Divorce Coach, Financial Specialists. They all work for you and ONLY you … not both you AND your spouse.  Your Realtor is the only professional  who represents both of you at the same time. I owe you both my equal fiduciary duties, understanding, honesty, transparency, & lack of bias. 

The reason most spouses can’t agree on a Realtor is that one spouse often thinks the Realtor will “take sides” with the other spouse.

As a Real Estate Divorce Specialist, I can’t pick sides.You want to feel safe and know that someone has your back. This isn’t your wifes friend from spin class or your husbands golf buddy. It isn’t   the popular agent in the subdivision that everyone knows and gossips with . You don’t want a real estate agent that simply plops a sign on the lawn or only cares about commission.You need a Realtor who cares about what you’re going through. You need a Realtor who will keep you safe, and help you navigate the transition. You need a highly skilled Realtor who will get you as much money as possible for the sale of your home. You need a supportive Realtor with top-notch communication skills, understanding, compassion, & patience. You need a Real Estate Divorce Specialist who will do everything to make your life easier, less stressful, while avoiding the costly mistakes.

To learn more about all of your options and rights to your home contact me today.